Welcoming Winter in Panchkula

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December is half gone and winter has finally arrived. In the past few years, the winter season has reduced and its not as cold as it used to be. Damn you Global Warming! But over the last week, it started getting colder in the evenings. Last weekend us friends got together for a nice dinner here in Panchkula. We met sometime in the late afternoon when there was a slight chill in the air. But man, when we stepped out after our dinner, it was soooo cold! You could literally see your own breath. Winters in the tricity are the best. With greenery all around and just the perfect amount of cold, tis the season of dressing up in warm coats and stylish blazers!

My home in Panchkula is near a huge park, which means there is fog early in the morning when I step out for my morning run (which is getting difficult with each passing day!) and even when I am coming back from work, there are nights when fog surrounds my car!

The view at night from a Park in MDC in Panchkula
The view at night from a Park in MDC in Panchkula

There are so many amazing things about winter. The fashion, the FOOD and the joy that one gets while basking in the winter sun! The fashion, especially of the girls, is so good! Whether in Chandigarh, or Mohali, or right here in MDC in Panchkula, every person, girl or boy, is dressed in their winter warmest best. So many colors, so many styles! I love the winter season!

One of the things I really enjoy during winter time is sitting in a park, enjoy the greenery under the warm sun, and munch on roasted peanuts (moongfali), gachaks and all these tasty winter snacks. We have a huge park in MDC Panchkula, the Shivalik Park, which is huge, and full of tall trees and pretty flowers. Oh yes, another thing I like about winters is the flowers. So many of them, everywhere! Even in my home’s garden, we have dahlias, those little ones with four petals and so many more. They add to the beauty of the parks in Panchkula. Winters are the best time for picnics too. Just pack up a few things, head to any of the many parks in Panchkula and have a nice picnic under the warm sun with your friends or family. You’ll definitely enjoy that! In fact, I could recommend the best places in Panchkula where you can have nice picnics. I guess I will write a post about that too!

Overall I love the winter season. More than summers for sure. After all, winters have so much to offer. It’s the most festive of seasons, and there are sooo many snacks to munch on!!

What about you guys? Do you love winters as much as I do? Which is your favorite season? What do you like the most about winters? Would love to hear what you all think!

Until then, I’m gonna enjoy the gachaks and revdis and the moongfalis 😀

Happy Winters!

Aseem MDC Panchkula

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