Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Men – By Aseem of MDC in Panchkula

Hey there guys! Valentine’s Day is upon us, and yet again, my social media feed is full of people trying to catch the eye of each other, or proposing to the girl or boy they like, and then there are the couples, who have gone into a love overdrive and are increasingly getting annoying! 😛

No offense to those in love out there. I don’t know the feeling so I can only imagine that you might be filled with love for your significant other and that is a good thing. Just don’t make it awkward for the single ones out there!

Valentine’s Day is one celebrated occasion in Chandigarh, where residents from Panchkula and Mohali also pick up their friends, head towards Chandigarh in their swanky cars, some of them filled with red balloons and enjoy the day of love. More on that some other time!

Whether you are single or madly in love, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to get dressed sharply and set them hearts racing.

Now, in spirit of St. valentine’s, me and my friend’s have this tradition of including something red in our outfit, could be a scarf, or a cap or even a shirt. So here are some valentine themed outfit ideas for men, aka all my fellow bros out there.

The key point here is that we are trying to incorporate some shade of red within the outfit, via accessories or through the main thing, however it may be! And it should be visible, so socks don’t count boys! So if any of you have any awesome outfit idea for valentine’s day, please do share it with all of us, right here in the comments!

Here goes some of Aseem’s favorite Valentine’s Outfit Ideas for Men:

First of all, if you have a date on Valentine’s Day (oye-hoye!), then you can include the red in a pocket square. So…

Outfit Idea #1 – One of the best outfit for a valentine’s day date is the button down shirt, a nice fitted pair of jeans, or trousers if you’re taking her somewhere fancy, and a proper fitted blazer jacket. Here you can play with the shirt color. White of course is a classic style, and one that is much loved. But it is the day of love, why not go for some color. You could even pick a muted grey or a light blue, or green shade, for the shirt and then a dark grey or black blazer and then top it off with a red pocket square. Like some of these outfits below. 

Valentine's Day outfit Men

Velvet Blazer with Red pocket square


Of course, you can customize the accessories as per your choice. You can go for the velvet blazer, if it is cold enough and if you are comfortable carrying it off!

Outfit Idea #2 – The Suave Gentleman. If you are taking your girl to a nice restaurant, and want to be dressed to the nines, opt for the total gentleman look. A nice, fitted suit, with a touch of red, cut perfectly to enhance that body you have been working out on.. Girls love a well dressed man and your girlfriend will be over the moon with the effort you made to dress up for her! Even if you do not have an entire suit, pick the closest color match to a trouser, like a navy blue trouser and a navy blue blazer can usually be found in every man’s wardrobe. Add a red tie, or go subtle with a rose lapel and voila, heads will turn mate!

Go subtle

You can skip the pocket square in this one, and go for a plain shirt. One can also wear a bow-tie, just to jazz things up a bit! This is to just show you guys the rose lapel!

Note how the second outfit has a different colored trouser, which is another outfit idea! You just need to be confident like the guy in the picture, that’s all the style you need man!

Again, between the bow tie or the skinny tie or just the regular tie, wear whatever you are most fond of!

Outfit idea #3 : Till now we wanted a red pocket square, just for the spirit. Now, if you’re one of those who are looking for love, why not make a bolder declaration! How about going for a red shirt, not the garish red of course, a classy rich red, like burgundy. You could go for a burgundy trouser, or even blazer. Of course, the shirt is the safest option. Now this is one special style, my own if you will.

To view the best, bold kind of valentine’s day outfits, where your style takes center stage, and you paint the town red, literally! Head over to this awesome Pinterest Board on Men’s Fashion curated by me, where you can view lots of cool Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration!

Outfit Idea #4The Uber Casual Stud : Now this kind of style is for all those who love to stay cool n casual, the chilled out ones! This is an informal style, best suited for hanging out with friends, or for a potential date also!

With a nice fitted pair of jeans, pick a t-shirt. Bonus points if it has something cool n slick printed on it. Plain polo tees are also good but they’re more of a classic style. For the cool dude style, Aseem of MDC in Panchkula suggests round neck t-shirts. And since it is cold in Chandigarh, Panchkula and all, throw on a nice zipper or a leather jacket for that extra edge.

The Burgundy tee shirt is nice, but it could be brighter. That would look nice.

The next outfit is the epitome of totally cool guy, because there is just the right amount of red in this outfit! And the all black remainder of the outfit is just perfect!

The only thing missing from the next outfit is a black leather jacket, or a snapback!


And another one, just for fun!! Anyone who does wear something like that, is one awesome guy. Kudos to whoever can carry off such a style. You rock!


Well, that is all for the day folks! These are a few if the outfit ideas for Valentine’s day for all my fellow brothers, off the top of the head of Aseem of MDC in Panchkula!

Which one did you like most? What would you wear? Share your best outfit inspiration right here in the comments!

And, Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody! 🙂



Note: All images have been sourced from the internet. They’re not mine. No copyright infringement intended! Credits to whoever these belong to! 

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