Haryana Swarn Utsav

Tau, Happy Haryana Swarna Jayanti

Namastey, Presenting the latest news about the great state that our awesome city (Panchkula) belongs to, Haryana No. 1!

Prepare to witness a Grand Celebration!

Recently, on Nov 1, 2016, Haryana completed 50 years of its existence as a state. To commemorate the state’s Golden Jubilee, the Haryana Government has launched a year long celebration, starting from Nov 1, 2016 till Oct 31, 2017. The Haryana Swarna jayanti celebrations will includes rallies with floats (jhaankis) that celebrate the rich history of the state and celebrating the achievements of talented Haryanvis!

Haryana Swarn Utsav

Haryana is one of the most honest and hardworking states, with many contributions for the country to its name. This great soil produces the bravest of jawans, the best of khiladis (players) and the hardworking kisaans that provide the entire nation with food. Haryana is truly the land of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.

As the name suggests, Swarna means Golden and Jayanti means Birthday. Since this is a pretty big occasion, it calls for a grand celebration too! The State Government has left no stone unturned. The 365 day long celebration is going to include a lot of things, from national conventions to cultural festivals all over the state. The government even plans to launch various welfare schemes for their people.

The Haryana state government also has an agenda to plant trees, add public art, sculptures, lights everywhere in the state, throughout the year. The Government is keeping more focus towards keeping the cities clean and green. Overall, the objective of this Golden Jubilee celebration is to make Haryana a Golden State. There will also be a mobile rail exhibition, to show the progress of the state, and its history in all major cities.

Floats part of Haryana Swarna Jayanti Celebrations in Panchkula

The State Government has even drafted a celebration calendar from November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017 to mark the special year for organizing cultural festivals, national conventions and for launching welfare schemes throughout the state. The idea behind these long celebrations is to not only showcase the rich history of the state, but also to focus on the advancements and future plans of and for Haryana’s betterment.

To start the celebrations, on Nov 1, 2016 i.e., Haryana’s 50th Birthday, a grand opening for this huge function was organized in Gurgaon, also known as Gurugram. Our honourable PM Modi, Haryana’s CM Manohar Lal Khttar and many cabinet ministers were present for this function in which our PM gifted all us (the state of Haryana) with the new development schemes. The cultural programs depicted the true, pure and colorful culture of Haryana, the pious land of the Vedas.

Even at MDC Sec 4 Panchkula, Mansa Devi Panchkula, we can see beautiful and colorful Jhaankiyan that depicts the state’s rich art and culture & glorious history and heritage. These Jhaankiyan were seen inside the Mansa Devi Temple Area. As per the caretakers, they will travel across whole Haryana in this year and will make Haryanvi’s proud of their motherland. Check these out, how pretty they look and how wonderfully they’re showcasing Haryana’s amazing past, present and future!

These floats were situated at MDC in Panchkula, and will tour the entire Haryana State over the next 365 days.

Floats of Haryana Swarna Jayanti at MDC Panchkula

Look closely, you can see the Mansa Devi Temple of Panchkula in the background, glinting in the light!

Another Jhaanki in Panchkula, ready to go!

Jhaanki at MDC Panchkula

Jhanki at MDC Panchkula

The Haryana state government has even created a new website specifically for this event. You can visit the official website here.

Some of the many things that this Haryana Swarna Utsav is getting us:

  • Special cell to redress grievances of Non-Resident Haryanavis (NRHs)
  • Haryana Utsav will be celebrated with an exhibition on history, heritage, art and culture of Haryana.
  • Swarna Jayanti commemorative medal will be given to 50 distinguished police officials.
  • ‘Haryana quiz with 1 Crore Prize money for kids will be launched in April 2017.
  • 50 golden targets are drafted to improve various sectors in Haryana.
  • Plan for 50 smart villages
  • ‘Mobile Rail Exhibition’ displaying the state’s art, culture, history, heritage, progress and development.

There are many such events and schemes that our government is launching to make the State truly “Haryana No. 1”. Happy Birthday to Haryana and May our great state always flourish! 🙂

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