The Baba Ram Rahim Verdict & How it ruined Panchkula

On the 25th of August 2017, the Dera Sacha Sauda Chief, who is also known as Baba Ram Rahim, was convicted by the CBI. This 15 year long case finally reached its verdict on this day. Sadly though, the aftermath of the Ram Rahim verdict was appalling and taught Chandigarh and Panchkula that large groups of uneducated people who have nothing to do with their lives, are dangerous.

I, Aseem of Panchkula, was wary of going out of my house, even to the market. Panchkula is my hometown, and never have we felt so unsafe in our own city.

Baba ram rahim’s followers, or premis, completely destroyed our peace of mind. These kind of people are what you call anti social elements. I was watching the news reports of the violence that the Dera followers were doing, and you could see that every last person involved in the destruction was a part of this cult like dera, and mostly every single person destroying public proberty was a young guy.

In wake of the Baba Ram Rahim Verdict, his ‘followers’ took to the streets to completely ravage a city that has never seen such violence. Curfews were implemented, data and mobile services have been banned, and above all, the city that was always warm and open, became closed and silent.

Let me show you how Panchkula looks like on any given day:

Panchkula Roads

And now see how these beautiful roads were ruined by Baba Ram Rahim’s followers, aka the Dera Premis:

Above image source

More than 1 lakh Dera followers descended upon Panchkula, and wreaked havoc over the city in more ways than one. They even came from far off places in Haryana and Punjab.

As a long time resident of Panchkula, Aseem of Panchkula would like to tell you that we love our amazing parks. Most of us go down to one of the many parks in Panchkula for our evening walks/ jogs/ exercise or to simply go chill. But because of the Ram Rahim Rape Case, these parks have also been destroyed by his ‘premis’.

Baba Ram Rahim’s followers started coming to Panchkula 2-3 days before the 25th August 2017, two days before the verdict. Now all these people stayed in parks.

Above image source

Chalo bhai stay tak toh theek tha. But these un civilized people did all of their businesses in the parks too. From peeing to pooing, these people have literally converted each park in panchkula from a green park to a brown shithole 🙁

So not only did Baba Ram Rahim create a mass cult full of brainless people, he also managed to bring down an entire city to its knees.

Panchkula and Chandigarh are one of the best cities in India and in a few hours, the entire city of Panchkula was either burning under the violence ignited by Baba Ram Rahim’s followers or was scared of getting caught in the violence.

It is truly sad to see Haryana Government failing so miserable to control these anti-social elements, who pose such a dire threat to the law and order of a city, and ruin the peace of mind of the common citizen.

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