About Aseem MDC Panchkula – The Website

Aseem is a hindu word which means unlimited. All my life I have stayed at one place, a little corner of heaven on the border of Chandigarh and Panchkula which happens to be Mansa Devi/ MDC in Panchkula. Years of awaragardi has led to me discovering just about everything there is about this place. I can tell you where to get the best food, to which is the best gym, to all the amazing and cool things about MDC Panchkula. I can even tell you where would you go to buy the cool-est, hip-est clothes, where would you get the best car accessories, where all can you travel to if you also call MDC in Panchkula your home, and lots more. Literally the best guide ever made for a place!

Aseem MDC Panchkula is a website which a couple of us decided to put together to share all the things we’ve discovered and learnt while we were making memories of a lifetime! A collection of experiences and anecdotes which led  to finding out all the secrets of this little slice of paradise in Panchkula. A way to share that extensive bhandaara of knowledge with all you lovely people reading this!

Jee Ayaan Nu 🙂